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Reglens - Developments

Developments are regulatory postings from the various agencies around the world.

The Development Box that appears in the grid and list of a News Feed containes a large amount of information and navigation capabilities. It is designed to give you a synopsis of the development consisting of the headline, and a snippet from the development. In addition, the box tells you which tags have been assigned to that article, when it was published, where it was published and offers several ways to share the article.

Development Box

To read the article, click on the headline and you will be brought to the original article on the site it was pulled from.

Development Box Headline

Underneath the headline, there will be a synopsis of the development. This will give you a quick way to get an idea of what is actually in the development without having to go read it.

Development Box Synopsis

Below the synopsis, the Entity Tags associated with the development, including the Obligations and References are made available by Entity Type.

Development Box Type Tags

There are six possible Entity Types shown with each development. These are:

Entity Type Description
Obligation Tag Obligations associated with the References found in the Development
Reference Tag References found in the development
Company Tag Public and Private Companies
People Tag Executives and Politicians
Region Tag Regions
Topic Tag Topics

The number in parenthesis is the number of individual Entities for each of the Type Tags. The Type Tags can be clicked to reveal the specific Entities associated with the article. They will toggle on and off when you click them. Once the list of Entities is revealed, you can click on the Entity Tag to immediately go to developments associated with that Entity.

Clicking on one of the Type Tags will give you the actual tags for that Entity Type.

Development Box Entities

Below the Type Tags is the time that the development was retrieved. Initially, it will display the actual date and time the article was retrieved but can be toggled to show time relative to the current time.

Development Box Date/Time

Below the development time is the Publication information for the article. The possible components of this section of the box are Author, Contributor and Source. The Contributor is before the slash (/) and the Source is after the slash (/). The name of the Author will be displayed above the Source line. You can click on any of them to get to a News Feed for the Author Contributor or Source.

Development Box Source

Below the Source information, you will find the Metadata Fields associated with this publishing source. The actual fields available depend on the way the source formats and published the developments. In this case, there are two Metadata Fields being displayed.

The first of these fields is Issuing Agency. This will show the Regulatory Agency that published the development.

Development Box Issuing Agency

The next Metadata Field associated with this development is the official Publication Date for this development.

Development Box Publication Date

In the bottom right of the Article Card, you will see action buttons outlining what you can do with the article.


If this article is in a different language than your App Language setting, there will be a translation icon as well. Clicking on the icon will translate the Headline and the Synopsis in the development box.

Article Card Icons

The possible actions are:

Icon Action
Hide Article Hide Article
Similar Stories Show Similar Stories
Share Article Share the Article through Social Media/Symphony
Menu Icon Access the Development Box Menu

When you click on the Development Box Menu icon, you will be given a menu that currently includes the capabilities to Email a Development, and Retrieve a Story Cluster.

Development Box Menu

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Last update: January 31, 2022
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