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The key component of FTS Apollo™ is the intelligent management and presentation of the News. In the simplest form, News Articles are captured, analyzed, tagged and used to create an Intelligent News Feed. The flow of articles creates a rich source of analytical information once they have been tagged and analyzed which are then turned into Analytics which give significant insights into Companies, People, Topics, and what is happening Globally, Nationally and down to very specific local regions.

News can also be managed using Channels which allow you to get extremely focused and relevant information using the Entity Tags, Specific Sources, and the available Boolean Logic that can be utilized.

Channel Definition

Once you have a great Channel, you can add it, along with other supporting Widgets to create a single page Dashboard summarizing and presenting information related to a single company, an overall Topic, Regional concepts and information, or other focused view.

Dashboard Example

For a full walkthrough on the use case associated with this dashboard, click HERE.

You can also just Search and once you have a News Feed based on your search, Filter the feed to get very precise results.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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