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FinTech Studios Help Pages

Welcome to the Help pages! Here, you will find a rich set of resources showing you how to best leverage the FTS Apollo™ and RegLens® applications.

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About FTS Apollo

FTS Apollo™ is a web application providing intelligent search technology combined with user-defined channels, dashboards and dynamic alerts to instantly deliver highly relevant news, research and market analytics in real-time, covering millions of public and private companies, people, topics and market events from millions of global sources in 49 languages.

About RegLens

The goal of the RegLens® product is to facilitate the monitoring, analysis, and eventual determination of firm obligations using a combination of laws and regulation reference documents coupled with the ability to monitor legal and regulatory sites for potential and actual changes to the laws and regulations, and then facilitate the ability to create or change obligations for the firm.

FTS Apollo™ and RegLens® are built and managed by FinTech Studios, a market leader in AI-based news, market intelligence and analytics.

Accessing FTS Apollo/RegLens

FTS Apollo™ and RegLens® are available in a variety of methods:

  • Full web app
  • White-labelled and branded instances
  • Widgets
  • API
  • Data feed available on AWS

Getting Help



If your account representative has provided alternate methods of support, please use those first.

You can contact FinTech Studios support via email ([email protected]) or by creating a new ticket within the application. To do so, simply click the "Support" button in the bottom-right corner.

Help Pages

These help pages are written to provide a browsable and searchable set of documents that contain a wide set of knowledge, ranging from introductory use cases to advanced content filtering.

The Help Menu Index is available as well.

Starting Out

If you're new to FTS Apollo™ , we suggest you start with our getting started introduction.

If you're new to RegLens®, we suggest you start with our RegLens® getting started introduction.

Welcome Page

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