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Reglens Setting Recommendations

Setting Up your Account

Before starting to work with a Regulatory News Feed, you should make sure your Preferences are optimized for dealing with this type of News Feed.

News Feed Sort

In order to best deal with a Regulatory Feed, there are a couple of News Feed Settings that are recommended. In order to validate and/or change your settings, Click on My FTS and then Preferences.

News Preferences

The two recommended settings are:

  • Default View - List
  • Default Sort - Timeliness

The other two settings are set based on your own preferences. For more information on each preference setting go HERE.

Content Languages

Since the regulatory feeds are in multiple languages, our recommendation is to turn on all translatable content languages using the Content Languages preference setting.

Content Languages

You can enable all of the languages that are available for in application translation by clicking on + ADD ALL TRANSLATABLE LANGUAGES button at the top of the Content Languages box.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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