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An Entity is a defined thing within Apollo. An Entity can be a company, person, place, etc. and is used as a tag within the FTS Apollo™ application. Every Entity has a Dashboard and a News Feed as a minimum and will have other characteristics depending on the Entity Type. Currently, available Entity Types are:

Source Entity Types

Source Entity Types are used to define types of source entities. Every article is tagged with both a contributor and a source. A contributor is the overall publisher for the article. As an example, The Wall Street Journal is a contributor. They publish using multiple sources such as | What's News and | Business News. In addition to contributor and source, we will add an author if one is credited in the article.

FTS Apollo™ also has specialized topics called source categories. These are groupings of sources based on the type of source being captured. A Full Hierarchy is available to use like you would any other Entity.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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