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FinTech Studios App - Tab Setup

Microsoft Teams offers Tabs as a way to set up a direct link to an application, file or other item associated with the Team. The FinTech Studios App can be used to set up direct links to a Filter or other FTS Widget.

FinTech Studios Apollo Tab


You need to install the FinTech Studios App prior to using it to create a Tab. For more information, go to installing in Microsoft Teams

Create a New Tab

To create a new Tab, click the "+" button at the top of a conversation or Team:

Add tab button

A dialog will open for you to choose an app. You should see FTS as an option in the dialog - if you do not, you can use the search in the top-right of the dialog to find the app.

App search in tab dialog

After selecting FTS, you will be prompted with a new dialog to configure the tab.

Congure a Tab - Simple Mode

The dialogue will offer a list of your own personal channels which an be created by using the FTS App Admin.


For other people to see your Filter, you need it set to Public in the Filter Definition. In addition, anyone viewing the tab will need to have the FinTech Studios App installed.

Tab Dialogue - Filters

At this point, you can select one of your exisitng personal filters to configure for the tab. Click on Select a filter to open up the list of ones availabe.

Tab Dialgoue - Filters List

Select the desired Filter.

Tab Dialogue - Filter Selected

Click on SAVE to complete the configuration.

FTS tab

Configure a Tab - Advanced Mode

You can also use Switch to Advanced mode to configure one of the available widgets to be used for the tab. From here you have access to the full suite of widgets available in the FinTech Studios App. To learn more about the options available here, please see the Widget List.

Tab Dialogue - Advanced

Click on **Widget *** and select the one you want to use for the tab configuration.

Tab Dialogue - Options

Once you have configured the widget, you can access a quick preview by clicking on SHOW PREVIEW BELOW

Tab Dialogue - Preview Button

Clicking on the button gives you a snapshot of what the tab will look like.

Tab Dialogue - Preview

After you have finished with configuration, press "Save". After a short moment, the dialog will close and you will be redirected to the newly-created tab.

FTS Apollo(tm) tab

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Last update: April 29, 2022
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