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Widget List

Currently available FTS Widgets. Click on the Widget Type for the full list along with documentation and links to live versions of each widget.

Widget Type Explanation
Analytics Widgets Analytics widgets give calculated analytical information created within FTS Apollo™
Channel Widgets Widgets associated with channels
Documentation Widgets Documentation display widgets
Entity Widgets Entity widgets give information regarding one or more Entities.
Location Widgets Location Widgets give information based on regional trends for the depicted locations
Market Widgets Market Widgets give information on the current overall situation within a segment of the market
News Widgets News Widgets generate a news feed based on an Entity, Channel or Key Word
Regulatory Widgets Widgets associated with RegLens®
Trending Widgets Trending Widgets give information regarding specific situations where an Entity, News Article or Source is trending.
Settings Widgets Settings Widgets allow you to give access to a user's current Preference Settings
Utility Widgets Utility widgets are for editing and managing entities

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Last update: November 24, 2021
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