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Public Company

A Public Company is an entity that has Equity securities that trade on an Exchange. FTS Apollo™ captures Public Company information in a way that allows you to look up Market Data for that company.

Public Company

Current Public Company information available is:

Item Description
Quote A Detailed Quote for the company. This can be 15 minute delayed or real time depending on your licensing agreements with the exchanges
Price Chart A historical graph of price information for the company.
Profile A profile of the company
Executives A list of executives and their roles for the company
Corporate Events Corporate Events associated with the company including Dividends, Earnings, Capitalization changes, etc.
Financials Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Income Statement for the company
SEC Filings SEC Filing information including links to the actual documents
Insiders A list of Insiders and their trading activity
Earnings Current Price Target and Estimated Earnings for the company along with historical performance vs. those estimates
Analyst Ratings Overall Buy/Sell recommendations for the company
Key Ratios Ratios associated with the company, price, valuation measures and comparisons
Share Analysis Analytics associated with share price and volume calculations including multiple moving averages, Alpha, Beta, etc.
Trades Time and Sales information for trading activity of the company shares
History Historical pricing information, including a candlestick chart of prices over time with research capabilities by date and download functionality
Options Options information associated with the company shares

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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