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Channels in FTS Apollo™ are used to manage and filter the News in ways determined by you. This is a powerful way to create your own News Feeds containing items you are interested in. As examples, several channels are pre-built for you and can be used as a base for new channels that you set up yourself. Use the Create Channel function to create your own channel. You can also use the , located next to the channel name when viewing a pre-built channel to save that channel as a personal channel.

The results of clicking on a channel name is to display the News Feed for that channel.

Channel News

Once a channel news feed is generated you have full News Feed functionality for that channel plus you can use the channel menu in the left sidebar to quickly move to a specific Entity contained within that channel. Once an Entity is in focus, you will have access to the functions available to that Entity Type. In addition, you can edit the channel by clicking on next to the Channel Name, or you can Create a Channel or Manage Channels using the menu options in the left sidebar menu.

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Last update: March 9, 2022
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