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Newsletter functionality is available to any Pro level user.

Newsletter Features

  • Newsletters allow you to publish articles based on a specific channel definition to an email recipient list. The recipients do not need to have a subscription to FTS Apollo or RegLens in order to access the articles in the newsletter. The headline links will take the recipient to the actual published location for the article.

  • Each newsletter can be themed with a logo and colors matching your corporate branding.

  • The newsletter will automatically cover the period since the last published newsletter, including managing weekend periods.

Setting up a newsletter is a straightforward process.

Newsletter Channel

The first step in creating a newsletter is to set up the channel that will be used to provide the articles available for publishing. There are really three types of channels that can be used.

  • High Volume Channel - Any channel that produces a large number of articles every day. This type of channel can be managed by using the trending news sort for selecting articles along with a defined number of articles to publish (up to 25). Typically a good number is 10, but you can set up any number between 1 and 25.
  • Low Volume Channel - In this case, the channel produces a handful of stories every day. In this case, the sort can still be trending, but the parameter you should consider is the flag that says whether or not to publish the email if no stories exist.
  • Curated Channel - This type of channel contains a workflow channel stage that only shows articles that are in the specific workflow state. It is used to manage specific articles to be published in the newsletter.

Remember to make the Newsletter Channel public so that it can be accessed by the Newsletter process and in case you want to include a Newsletter Landing Page.

Newsletter Theme

Each newsletter can have a theme established which consists of a logo and color treatments.

Newsletter Scheduling (Future Feature)

The default schedule is daily for newsletters. We are currently working on the ability to schedule your newsletter based on your own requirements.

Newsletter Landing Page

One of the optional features is a button that can be added at the bottom of the newsletter that links to a custom newsletter dashboard that will display the specific articles that have been captured during the period the newsletter covers. For a high volume channel, this can be very useful to show all articles from the channel regardless of how many get published to the actual newsletter.

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Last update: June 24, 2022
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