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Creating a Workflow

You can create one or more workflows using the Workflows menu available in the top menu bar.

Top Menu - Workflows

Clicking on the menu opens up the options.

Create Workflow - menu open

Click on the Create Workflow menu item to get started. You will be given a blank workflow creation page.

Create Workflow - new

Enter the new name for your workflow, a description and the workflow states you want to include.

Create Workflow - initial states

The default state at the top of the list of workflow states will be the state that is automatically assigned to articles unless you have explicitly changed it.

You can change the color for one or more of the states by clicking on the colored box next to the one you want to change and selecting a new color.

Create Workflow - state color

As you assign colors, they will be remembered and offered the next time you want to change a color for a state. This allows you to match colors accross multiple states.

Once you have completed your workflow, click the SAVE button to save it.

Create Workflow - Complete

Your new workflow is now available for assignment to a channel, setting as a default for your account, or dynamically adding to any news feed.

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Last update: October 5, 2021
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