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Create a Channel

Adding a Channel is as simple as clicking on Channel drop down Channels menu in the Top Menu and selecting Create Channel. FTS Apollo™ will automatically add a new channel called New Channel and bring you to the Edit Channel page.

New Channel

Use the Channel Name field in the top left of the edit channel page to name your channel. Channels will automatically update as you enter information. At any time, if you don't like a change you have made, you can click on UNDO to remove it. You can also then click on REDO to bring the change back.

Channels are made up of a series of Entity names and/or Text Search terms. The enties and/or terms can be managed using Boolean Logic to determine what should be displayed which can result in very precise results based on your specific needs. Initially, the most basic way to create a channel is to add a series of Entities in the box that says ANY OF THESE at the top. That will give you a channel consisiting of all the news for ANY of those entities.

There are two ways to enter Entities. You can use the Search Bar and directly search or you can click on the BROWSE button to bring up an Entity Selector page that will allow you to browse by Entity Type and/or hierarchy.

The most basic form of adding an Entity to a channel is to start typing into the Search Bar and selecting the entity desired. You can search for a specific Entity Type by clicking on the arrow next to the All label at the left of the Search Bar. This will allow you to get only results associated with the selected Entity Type.

Browse Entities

If you are not sure what the name (or Ticker Symbol) for an entity is, you can click on the BROWSE button to bring up the Entity Selector. From the selector, you can find and choose one or more entities to include in your channel.

A Text Search can be included in a Channel filter by either selecting Query String from the search bar dropdown list or by beginning the search term with quote marks ("). Simple text searching is just words inside of quotation marks, but you can use the Simple Query String Syntax for more complicated text search terms.


As you enter each Entity or Search Term, it will be resolved and added to your list. To add more entities, click on the ADD button. At any time, you can remove an entity or term by clicking on the X contained in the resolved name.

Complicated Channel Setup

More complicated channels can be set up using a series of lists that combine together to create a complex query and give you a very filtered News Feed. Boolean Logic is used to evaluate the series of entries to derive a set of articles as a result. Creating a second list to be used as an AND filter is as simple as clicking on the ADD button. This will add a new box which can contain a new list of Entities which will be added to the query.

Other Channel Information

Channels are updated in real time as you enter information. If you need to undo a change, click on the UNDO button. If you then want to reinstate the change you can click on the REDO button.

You can make a channel available to other users by toggeling the Public Toggle toggle to the on position (right).

Additionally, you can delete a channel with the DELETE button and copy a channel with the COPY button. Copying a channel is the best way to change a Curated Channel as directly editing one is not allowed.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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