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Workflow Use Case - Simple Newsletter

The Simple Newsletter Workflow Use Case is for the situation where a set of articles are selected for publication as a newsletter. In this use case, the published articles can be archived after they have been available on the newsletter for a period of time. In addition, you can mark some articles for further research prior to publication.

Start by creating a newsletter workflow similar to this one.

Simple Newsletter

Once the Newsletter Workflow is created you can assign it to a channel that contains the documents you would like to publish.

Newsletter Workflow to Channel

You can also set the Newsletter Workflow to be assigned to every News Feed that is not explicitly overriden by going to My FTS/Preferences and setting it as your account default for your news preferences.

Newsletter Workflow Default

This setting will give you access to the workflow any time you are working in FTS Apollo™, making it very easy to publish to the newsletter at any time.

Newsletter Workflow Use

The articles contained in the channel can be found by creating a Newsletter Publish channel.

Newsletter Publish Channel Definition

The Newsletter Publish Channel will look like this:

Newsletter Publish Channel

Using Widget Builder, you can create an HTML Framework to display your newsletter using the channel news widget.

Simple Newsletter Page

They can then set the workflow state to either return the document to the analyst or approve it.

Workflow Channel Approver Workflow

You can review and archive articles by going to the same Newsletter Publish channel and changing the workflow state to Archive

Workflow Newsletter Archive

This will remove articles from the channel which will then take them off the newsletter.

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Last update: December 23, 2021
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