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Workflow Use Case - Assign Work

This use case is built for the situation where a central hub user wants to see all activity within a channel and then allocates articles to teams that will manage the review and approval process.

Start by creating an allocation workflow similar to this one.

Assign Work Workflow

Once the workflow is set up, you can assign it to one or more channels, make it your default or dynamically add it to a feed.

Assign Workflow News Feed

Now, using the workflow, you can mark each article with the team it should be assigned to.

Workflow - Assigned

Each team member will have a channel set to filter for only their work.

Workflow - Assigned Channel Definition

Note that the entire channel definition consist of just the specific work flow state associated with the team. When Team 1 looks at the channel this is what they will see:

Workflow - Team 1 Channel

At this point, the analyst in Team 1 can use the workflow to ask for reassignment, assign to another team or close out the item as complete.

Workflow - Team 1 Workflow

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Last update: October 5, 2021
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