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HCA Use Case - HCA Dashboard Details

The final dashboard created for HCA Healcare consists of the following widgets. Click on the picture for a live version of the widget and the name for an explanation of how the widget is set up. Click for a full step by step explanation of how to create the dashboard.

Widget Picture Description
HCA Quote HCA Quote Quote for HCA Healthcare, Inc.
HCA Hospitals HCA Hospitals News for the Hospitals affiliated with HCA
HCA News HCA News News with the Company Tag for HCA Healthcare
HCA Bond Rating News HCA Bond Rating News for HCA with the topics associated with Bond Ratings News
HCA Competitor Quotes HCA Competitor Quotes Quotes for the top HCA competitors
HCA Competitor News HCA Competitor News Health Care and Bond Rating news for HCA Competitors

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Last update: November 29, 2021
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