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HCA Use Case - HCA Competitor Quotes Widget

The third row of the HCA Dashboard begins with a Wiget that will give me access to market quotes for the top nine HCA Competitors. I will use the Entity Quote Header Widget to provide this functionality.

Click on +Add a new widget to bring up the Widget Editor and select Entity Quote Header from the list of available widgets.

In the symbols field, enter the Ticker Symbol for each competitor separated by commas (,.md). In this case, that list is THC,HQY,EVHC,CYH,ACHC,CAH,BEAT,PINC,AMN. These were taken from the Top Ten list of the Health Care Providers & Services GICS industry group. HCA rounds out the top ten.

HCA Competitor Quotes Widget Setup

Once you are finished entering the Ticker Symbols, click on SAVE to update the widget into the dashboard.

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Last update: November 29, 2021
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