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Channel Navigation

Channel Navigation is mostly done from the Left Menu. Once a channel has been selected from the Top Menu, FTS Apollo™ will automatically create the Channel Menu to the left of the channel display.

Channel Menu

The menu consists of two options for creating, or managing channels.

Below these options, are your available channels, consisiting of two sections. My Channels are the channels you have created and Curated Channels are channels made available to you through your companies implementation of FTS Apollo™. These options can be expanded or contracted by clicking on the icon to the left of the menu item.

Within each of those sections, the actual available Channels are listed. Clicking on the channel name will result in a display of the News Feed associated with the channel and will open up the drop down for that channel to show you the list of Entities, or Query Terms contained in the channel based on the Channel Definition.

Each of these items are clickable, giving you a quick navigation option directly to that Entity or Query Term. Once one of these items is selected, the Channel Menu will remain and the Entity Menu for that item will be displayed in the active window.

Channel Entity Menu

The Entity Menu is sticky, in that it will keep the selected entity funtion even if you select a different Entity from the list in the Channel menu.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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