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Left Menu

The Left Menu allows you to navigate through functionality associated with the display section of the page. It will change depending on what the overall context of FTS Apollo™ is at that time.

There are three context menus used in the application.

My News

When you are displaying My News, the Left Menu will contain quick links for the context of the News Feed

My News Left Menu

Clicking on any of the Entities shown in the Left Menu will switch your context to the News for that Entity.


When you are displaying a Channel, the full list of Channels is available in the Left Menu with the underlying content for the displayed Channel also shown.

Channel Left Menu

The menu for a channel in the Left Menu allow you to access all of the available functions which are shown in the Channel Menu.

Additionally, as in the Channel Menu, you can click on an Entity to switch context to that entity within the channel. You can also switch to a different channel by clicking on a Channel Name in the menu, and see the Channel Menu for a Channel by using the drop down icon (>) to open up the full content for a specific Channel.


When you display a Dashboard, the Left Menu will display a list of available Dashboards.

Dashboard Left Menu

Clicking on a Dashboard name will display that Dashboard.

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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