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Not Box Channel Stage

A "Not Box" is a specific type of channel stage box designed to be used for exclusions from a channel. It can be used to remove the noise in the channel. A walkthrough on cleaning up a channel is available.

To create a Not Box, start by adding a channel stage using the Channel Editor using the + AND button.

Empty Channel Stage

In the top left corner is the ANY OF THESE button which you will click to change to NONE OF THESE.

Empty Channel Stage - None

Now, anything you enter in that stage will be excluded from the channel.


Types of things to exlude include:

  • Typically Excluded - This is a special entity that includes specific entities that normally should not be included in the results. These include Violent Crimes, Company Filings, Sports, Accidents, Analyst Ratings, etc.
  • Blogs & Social Media - This will exclude blog posts, Twitter postings, and other Social Media articles.
  • Aggregated News - This entity will remove articles that are associated with publishers that aggregate news posted on other sites.

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Last update: October 5, 2021
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