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Coronavirus Dashboard

The Coronavirus Dashboard is designed to provide contextually relevant information associated with the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is designed to be used with the Channel Navigator functionality along with four curated channels which provide quick context management for the dashboard.

CoronaVirus Dashboard

The context for the dashboard can be switched using one of our predefined Navigation Channels.

  • Select an entity in the list to pass context to the news and analysis widgets in the dashboard
  • Click the column header to sort or filter the list
  • Selecting a state, region, industry or topic will set a filter on each widget in the dashboard to see relevant content to that selection

These channels give you access to context based on the list contained within the channel.

US States

US States Channel

Global Regions

Regions Channel


Industries Channel

Investment Topics

Investment Topics Channel

The Coronavirus Dashboard contains a set of widgets that give you Coronavirus related news and analytics using the context setting from the navigation channel.

News Widget

The News widget will display the news on the topic you have selected from the Channel Navigator.

COVID News Widget

Expand the widget to see a full screen of news sorted by date or relevancy

Trending News will display those articles for the topic you have selected by volume of syndicated distribution (Clusters)

COVID Trending News Widget

Media Coverage

Media Coverage displays a graph of the volume of stories being published on the topic selected across the top 8 languages.

COVID Media Coverage


Mentions will show the summary of the number of articles by topics. Select the topics in the header to view the news by Company, People, Topic, Industry, Source

COVID Mentions Widget

Drill down to the news within the topic category by selecting the value in the “Total” column.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud displays the keywords extracted from all news within the topic being viewed

COVID Word Cloud Widget

Select a word to drill into the stories driving those keywords


Last update: August 26, 2021
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