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Analytics Dashboard

Every News Feed automatically includes a navigation tab for the Analytics Dashboard associated with that News Feed.

Analytics Dashboard

These automatically created Dashboards give you access to Media Coverage over time, Mentions associated with the feed, Trending News, a Word Cloud and a condensed version of the News Articles.

All four of the Analytics Widgets shown on the dashboard contain a date range setting that can be changed using the available options underneath the tabs.

Analytics Dashboard Date Range

The initial default is Last 30 Days but you can change the range by clicking on the timeframe desired. In addition, you can set a Preference for the range using My FTS. Clicking on a new timeframe will change the range for all four of the Analytics Widgets within the dashboard giving you different insights about the news.

You are also able to view past analytics by opening up the date range picker.

Analytics Dashboard Range Picker

Click on the range desired to set the analytics to use that specific range.

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Last update: October 5, 2021
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