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Workflow Use Case - Group Share

The Group Share Workflow Use Case is for a group that wants to create a central repository of articles for the group to use as a library. In addition, you can mark some articles for further research prior to publishing them to the repository.

Start by creating a group share workflow similar to this one.

Simple Newsletter

In this use case, you probably will want the workflow to be available at all times. You can do this by setting the Group Share Workflow to be assinged to every News Feed that is not explicitly overriden by going to My FTS/Preferences and setting it as your account default for your news preferences.

Group Share Workflow Default

This setting will give you access to the workflow any time you are working in FTS Apollo™, making it very easy to share to the group at any time.

You can also dynamically add it to a news feed by using the channel setings.

Group Share workflow use

In order to share the repository, create a channel with the following definition:

Group Share Channel Definition

The Group Share Channel will look like this:

Group Share Channel

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Last update: November 22, 2021
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