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Working with the Document Viewer

The Document Viewer is used to view and manage the Developments as part of evaluating the impact to the firm. It is designed to give you access to the full text of the document, highlight any pincite citations and generally help with your research and evaluation. You can access the viewer by clicking on the title associated with the development you want to view.

Document Viewer

Once you have loaded the Development into the viewer, you can take advantage of functionality to help you navigate and manage the development.

Click on the title in the viewer to access the original positing form the regulatory website.

Original Development

This gives you access to the original formating and any other information available on the site.

To the right of the text is the Reference/Obligation Widget. This gives you access to a list of the Pincite References detected in the Development and the associated Obligations.

Reference Obligation Widget

Any Pincites associated with Obligations will be highlighted in pink. Clicking on one of the references in the list will navigate you to the first occurance of that reference in the development.

Document Viewer Reference

Once the first reference is loaded, you can use the arrows in the search box to navigate between multiple occurances of the same reference.

Document Viewer Search Box

The results of the search will have a blue box around the highlighted reference for ease of identification.

Document Viewer Search Highlight

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Last update: October 5, 2021
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