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FTS Apollo™ is an easy to use News and Analytics platform that searches the web for stories and articles related to Financial Services and Capital Markets provided by FinTech Studios. The basic navigation for FTS Apollo™ is contained in the Top Menu and Search Bar.

Menu and Search Bar

The Search Bar can be used to navigate directly to an Entity while the [Top Menu]..(/navigation/ can be used to navigate to specific functionality.

Menu Item Explanation
Navigates you to your FTS Apollo™ homepage which can be set to any page in the application by navigating to that page, clicking on My FTS and selecting Set as homepage as the option. Initially, the Home button will take you to your My News feed.
My News Navigates you to your My News feed. When you finish the onboarding process, you will have created this feed based on your selection of entities as part of that process.
Channels Drops down a list of your channels along with options to manage or create channels.
Dashboards Drops down a list of your available Dashboards.
My FTS Gives you the ability to set your home page, manage your preferences, or sign out of Apollo.

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Last update: March 3, 2022
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