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Latin American Regional Use Case - Channel Descriptions

The HCA Use Case uses two channels as part of the full use case. Both channels are then available directly from the Channel Menu and for use in the Latin American Dashboard.

Regional Events Channel

The first channel to set up is the Regional Events Channel (Click to view channel). Using Query Strings and Simple Query String Syntax, the channel captures one time events that could affect a region like Hurricanes, Floods, Elections, etc. In order to keep the channel generic for use with any region, I did not include any regional qualifiers. Those are added when creating a dashboard focusing on a specific region.

Click for full channel setup instructions

Regional Topics Channel

The second channel I set up is the Regional Topics Channel (Click to view channel). This channel focuses on on-going topics potentially related to a region such as Government Policy, Central Bank News, Economic Data, Trade Agreements, etc. Again, this channel will not be set up for a specific region so that it can be applied to any region as part of a dashboard.

Click for full channel setup instructions

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Last update: November 29, 2021
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