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Using a Workflow

Workflow Use Cases are plentiful. Due to the unique nature of how workflows work and the fact that you can define a workflow in any way needed, you can create many ways to manage, save, archive, publish, share, or approve articles across multiple users or company wide. Here are a few sample use cases:

Save For Later

This Save For Later use case is a great personal workflow use case for saving articles for reading later.

Assign Work

This Assign Work use case is built for the situation where a central hub user wants to see all activity within a channel and then allocates articles to teams that will manage the review and approval process.

Approval Workflow

The Approval Workflow use case is designed to manage a series of documents that need to be reviewed, analyzed and then submitted for approval. As part of the flow, the approver must be able to return a document back to the analyst if it cannot be approved.

Newsletter Workflow

The Simple Newsletter Workflow Use Case is for the situation where a set of articles are selected for publication as a newsletter. In this use case, the published articles can be archived after they have been available on the newsletter for a period of time. In addition, you can mark some articles for further research prior to publication.

Group Share Workflow

The Group Share Workflow Use Case is for a group that wants to create a central repository of articles for the group to use as a library. In addition, you can mark some articles for further research prior to publishing them to the repository.

Combined Assign/Approval Workflow

The Combined Assignment and Approval workflow use case utilizes two different workflows in combination. The Assignment Workflow to allocate work and the Approval Workflow to manage the work once it has been assigned.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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