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Phillips 66 Use Case


As a Credit Analyst, I need to get information on specific companies that could change their Credit Risk Profile. As an example, I am following Phillips 66, a public company trading under the Ticker Symbol PSX. Phillips 66 is an energy manufacturing and logistics company headquartered in the United States.


Phillips 66 has refineries located around the world. Problems and issues with these refineries can dramatically impact the Credit Risk Profile for Phillips 66, but how do I keep up with the problems? Normally, information about an individual refinery does not rise to the level of being reported by a National or International news sources and I can't find news that I don't know exists.


FTS Apollo™ allows me to find information originating from local and regional news sources very quickly. Let's take that capabilitiy and use funtionality like creating a channel that follows Phillips 66 and their local refineries for the News Feed and then using that Channel, build a Dashboard tracking Phillips 66 overall.

Create Channel

Using Query String arguments, list the Phillips 66 refineries when adding a channel.

Phillips 66 Channel Creation

Also, as part of the channel definition, include the Source Tag for Regional/Local sources. When complete, save your newly created Channel.

Channel Results

Your completed channel will look like this:

Channel News


The Channel Navigation menu allows you to click on each refinery individually to zero in on that refinery, or you can use the Filter Bar to narrow your results.

Now that we have the Channel set up, let's put it into a Dashboard where we can use it to get an overall view of Phillips 66 with a concentration on their refineries.

Create Dashboard

In order to follow Phillips 66 as a whole, let's create a dashboard specifically for them and incorporate the Channel we just set up. In this case, we will use the Trending News Widget to show current high velocity news, the Entity Quote Widget to give us a Quote for Phillips 66 since it is a Public Company, and the Channel Widget showing the refinery channel we just created.

Phillips 66 Dashboard

Now, I can use my Channel, to get very specifc local news that could impact the local refineries and get the overall view of what is happening with Phillips 66 overall.

Phillips 66 Summary

Original Problem

Find specific information about local refineries associated with a company (Phillips


  • Refinery Channel Created, giving specific local news associated with each Phillips 66 refinery.
  • Phillips 66 Dashboard Created to follow the company overall.
  • Additional Possibilities
    • Use the Energy Topics and Industry Topics to specifically track articles associated with Phillips 66 business.
    • Create a Phillips 66 Channel to track news on the company itself.
    • Create a competitor Channel to track other Oil Companies

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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