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Word Cloud

The Word Cloud is a powerful way to review a set of articles based on the top mentioned words being used within those articles. It creates an immediate summary using those words which gives a quick overview of what is trending. Today's tip will explore places you will find the word cloud, and how to use it when you see it.

Where can I find Word Clouds?

Every Entity in FTS Apollo™ has an Entity Dashboard associated with it. Remember that Entities can be any identified Person, Place or Thing in Apollo. Topics, People, Companies, Currencies, Regions, Industries, Federal Agencies, and Sources are all Entities. Once you have found an Entity that you are interested in, click on Dashboard in the Left Menu or above the News Feed for the Entity. On the Dashboard (Second Row, Right) you will find the Word Cloud associated with the entity in focus which gives you the most recently used top word for all articles tagged with that entity.

The other place to find a word cloud is within the Relationship Graph. Every Company and Person has a Relationship Graph available which visually shows how People and Companies are related using co-mentions within articles. The graph is made up of what are called Nodes and Edges. Without getting into the specific definitions, on the graph Nodes are represented by Circles (Entities) and Edges are represented by lines connecting the Nodes where the width of the Edge reflects the relative number of articles where both Entities are mentioned in the same article. FTS Apollo™ has a very powerful analytic within the Relationship Graph where if you click on the Edge (the line) between two Nodes (the circles), it will pull in all the articles that co-mention those two entities, analyze them and give you back the analysis. It will display a pop up on top of the graph that consists of Article Snippets where the two Entities are mentioned together, an Article Frequency Graph showing the volume of articles where both Entities are mentioned, a Word Cloud taken from the articles associated with both entities being mentioned together, and then the actual News Feed of articles where they are mentioned together. I will offer more information on the Relationship Graph and its usage in a later tip, but this is the other place you will be able to find a Word Cloud.

The Word Cloud Widget is also available to be added to Dashboards as well, so you can include it in a custom dashboard that you set up or see it on a dashboard that has been created for you.

What can I do with the Word Cloud?

Visually, the word cloud will show you the most important words based on frequency of usage for the set of articles being analyzed. Combine the list of words with the relative size of the words, which reflects the number of times that word is used vs. the other words in the cloud, and you get a quick visual understanding of the content of the articles. In some cases, you can almost write the summary just using the words themselves.

All the words in the cloud are clickable. When you click on them, FTS Apollo™ will create a Full Text Search using the word you clicked on. This search is done within the context of the original set of articles used to generate the word cloud, so you will get back only those articles containing that word. They will be sorted using our Text Relevance logic which boosts articles where the word is used in the headline vs. the body of the article and further boosts the article based on the number of times the word is used within the article, giving you a very relevant result of articles to view.

The Word Cloud also contains the ability to refine the set of articles being used to create the cloud itself. In the upper left corner of the widget, you will see the actual filter being used. Click on the filter (or the edit icon in front of it) and we will bring up the Widget Filter that you can use to create a search specifically for what you are interested in. You can also simply change the Relevance Filter on the Entity or Entities being analyzed to increase the Relevance (High) or decrease the Relevance (Low). Changing that filter or adding other entities or text terms through the editor will change the set of articles being analyzed and will give you a word cloud based on that set of articles. You can then click on the words in the cloud and get the articles using that word plus the original filter you set up with widget filter.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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