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Top Entities Widget

The Top Entities Widget is a great way to explore relationships between Entities. It can be used to find Companies associated with Topics, People associated with Companies or Companies associated with each other. It is also a great way to find out which Sources publish articles related to a specific Entity.

Where can I find Top Entities?

Top Entities can be found on every Entity Dashboard. Remember that Entities can be any identified Person, Place or Thing in Apollo. Topics, People, Companies, Currencies, Regions, Industries, Federal Agencies, and Sources are all Entities. Once you have found an Entity that you are interested in, click on Dashboard in the Left Menu or above the News Feed for the Entity. On the Dashboard (First Row, Right) you will find the Top Entities Co-Mentioned associated with the entity.

The Top Entities Widget is also available to be added to Dashboards as well, so you can include it in a custom dashboard that you set up or see it on a Dashboard that has been created for you. It currently is part of the Fixed Income and Risk, FX Dashboard, and Technology Curated Dashboards.

What can I do with the Top Entities Widget?

Top Entities provides you with a list of co-mentioned Entities by Entity Type. You will see tabs for ALL, Companies, People, Region, Source, Topic, Federal Agency, and Currency. Each tab will give you a list sorted by frequency of mention for the selected Entity Type.

Each entity in the list can be used to manage the widget. Clicking on the + sign to the left of the entity name will add that entity to the filter that generates the list and narrow down the entities shown. This is a quick way to isolate on articles that mention two companies, or on a topic associated with a company, or on a company associated with a topic. The list you get back will be only those entities mentioned using the complete filter.

Next to each entity name is a number that reflects the number of articles tagged with that entity. Clicking on the number will give you the articles for that entity using the filter you have set up for Top Entities. Effectively, this will answer the question of which set of articles are being counted. You can link from there directly to the articles in question.

What types of questions does this widget answer?

  1. Who writes about this company (person, topic, etc.)? Look at the Sources tab.
  2. What companies are written about when this topic is mentioned? Look at the Company tab.
  3. What companies are associated with this industry? Look at the Company tab for an Industry.
  4. What industries are associated with this company? Look at the Industry tab for a Company.
  5. What companies (industries, topics, etc.) does this source write about? Look at the Company tab for a Source Entity.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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