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Sharing a Channel

Channel Sharing is a powerful way to give other people access to a specific channel result.

Channels need to be set to Public in order for them to be shared. You can set one to public by opening up the channel editor and switching the public/private switch to public.

Public Channel

Once a channel is set to Public you have two ways to share.

Share Channel URL

All channels use a URL construct that allows you to copy and then share the URL itself to share (as long as the channel is set to public).

Channel URL

Share Button

Channels can also be shared by clicking on the EDIT tab and then the share button. Note that the button will not be activated unless the channel is set to Public.

Channel Share Button

When you click on the share button, multiple options are available including Email and Copy Link.

Share Button

If you click on Email, a call will be made to your default email program setting up and email with a link to the channel you are sharing. If you click on Copy Link, the channel URL will be copied and you can then paste it into an email or other sharing mechanism.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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