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Searching is one of the primary methods of navigation within Apollo. You can search for anything using the Search Bar at the top of the application. As you type, FTS Apollo™ will make suggestions using the information you have typed into the search bar. The top suggestion (first in the suggestion list) will be automatically selected if you hit the <Enter> Key. In addition, the top suggestion will also contain the Entity Menu selections for that Entity Type. You can select an item from the menu to go directly to that page for the Entity shown.

If you would like to search for text within articles, the easiest way to tell FTS Apollo™ that you are doing a text query is to start the search by typing " into the Search Bar and ending the text with a ". Once you hit enter, a full text search will be made and the matching articles will be returned using criteria that will bring the best results (most relevant) to the top.

Sometimes, you would like to look for a specific Entity Type such as a Source or Contributor, or maybe a Topic. You can limit the result suggestions by clicking on the arrow next to where it says ALL on the left side of the search bar. You will be given a drop-down menu showing the different entity types. Select the type you would like to use for your search and then type in the search bar. You will only be given results based on that Entity Type. This is especially helpful when you want to look up a source rather than a company or person.

You can look up a Public Company by typing in the Ticker Symbol for that company. When FTS Apollo™ detects that the search term is a symbol, it will put the Public Company first in the results. Hitting enter will take you to the entity news for that company. Note that the symbol is not necessarily unique for Public Companies across the world. The same symbol for a company on the NYSE can be used for a company on the London Stock Exchange as well, so if you see the wrong company in the result look further down and you will see the correct one later in the list.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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