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Easy Channel Setup

Channels are a great way to set up a list of companies, topics, or other entities to follow. Once you are comfortable with them, you can set up very sophisticated filters to create extremely relevant results. Today's tip will get you started with setting up a simple channel so that you can start to utilize the full power of FTS Apollo™ without having to know everything there is to setting up a channel.

Getting Started - Channel Introduction

The simplest channel is a list of companies, people or topics. Once a channel is set up, you can use the full news feed associated with the channel or you can use the Left Menu or the Entities drop down menu to select an item to get the news just for that specific entity. This gives you quick navigation to look at a series of entities that you are interested in.

Creating a Simple Channel

The easiest way to create a channel is to search for something you would like to include in the channel. Once you have found an entity (Company, Person, Region, Topic, etc.), the Left Menu will be updated to include everything you can do with that entity, including adding it to a channel.

Entity Left Menu

To create a channel, just click on + ADD TO CHANNEL in the menu and you will be given a list of available channels.

Add to Channel

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on + CREATE CHANNEL, enter the name for your new channel and click on SAVE in the lower right of the box. This will create your channel and automatically include the entity you used to start the process.

Adding more Entities to a Channel

Once the channel is created, search for the next item you want to include. This time after clicking on + ADD TO CHANNEL, go the channel you previously created, check the box next to the channel name, and click on SAVE. The new entity will be added to the channel. Continue until you have the full list desired.

Accessing your channel is easy. Go to the Top Menu and click on Channels. Your new channel will be included in the drop-down menu. Click on the channel name.

There are many ways to navigate around in the new Channel. Full instructions are available HERE. On top of managing the News within the channel, you can also click on the tabs to get the channel dashboard, the channel editor or navigate to the Entities contained in the channel.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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