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Advanced Dashboard Techniques

Using Background Channels with an Overlay

One of the most useful techniques for working with Dashboards is to use a Background Channel as part of constructing a widget for a dashboard. Using this technique you can create a channel consisting of the types of articles you would like to see and then overlay the channel with an entity to give you articles related to that entity. This technique is used in the Regional Dashboard use-case where the results desired were events associated with a specific region.

Including Market Data Information

In a lot of use-cases, the behavior of a specific trading instrument will give clues on what is happening with a company or region. Some interesting market data that can be included are:

Any of these can be used with the Quote Widget or the Price History Widget as part of a dashboard.

Channel Monitor Dashboard

A great way to monitor several channels with one dashboard is to use one row of the dashboard page for each channel and include channel analytics widgets to help surface what is going on within each channel. One recommendation is to have the channel widget, then the channel trending news widget and then the channel word cloud on each row using the same channel for all three widgets.

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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