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Reputational Risk (Negative Company News) Persona

The Reputational Risk persona is focused on Negative Company News. FTS Apollo™ provides several pre-defined Topics to track and analyze articles associated with Reputational Risk.

Topics can be used as part of a channel definition to create more focused views that involve Reputational Risk related content.

Reputational Risk Channels

All of these channels are public channels which can be copied into your account as personal channels. To copy a channel, click on the EDIT tab. Once the editor opens up, you will need to click on the COPY button to save the channel. This will add it to the My Channels list in the Left Menu. At that point, you will be brought to the full Channel Editor for the channel which is now your personal channel.

Reputational Risk Topics

Negative Company News

The Negative Company News can be used to get specific articles associated with any of the underlying topics. In addition, you can use the individual topics if you are looking for articles associated with a specific type of Negative Company News.


Last update: January 9, 2023
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