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As articles are processed into FTS Apollo™, several analytics are created that help you discover interesting information, capture trading opportunities, or suggest possible avenues for further research.

Relationship Graph

One of the primary Analytics created is the co-mentions between Entities. This information is used to generate the Relationship Graph.

Relationship Graph

Event Detection

Another Analytic is the Entity Events. Events are detected based on actual article velocity calculated against an expected article velocity. Once an event is detected, FTS Apollo™ uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to determine what the event is, and which article best represents the story associated with the event and then shows events along with an article frequency graph showing each event.

Event Stream


Every Entity Dashboard and Channel Dashboard contains the Top Entities Analytic Widget. This Analytic gives you a list of Entities (Companies, People, Regions, Sources, that are most commonly mentioned with the Entity in context. Similar to the Relationship Graph, this gives you interesting insights, especially if you are looking for which regions are most commonly mentioned, which sources most commonly write about the entity, which topics it is most commonly associated with, etc.

Top Entities

Word Cloud

The Word Cloud Analytic Widget shows the top occuring word for a specific set of Articles. A word cloud is created by analyzing any News Feed returning the top ten words used in the Articles that make up the feed after removing stop words. The frequency of usage for each word is represented by the size of the individual words in the Word Cloud. You will find a Word Cloud on the Channel Dashboard and the Entity Dashboard. You can also add it to a Dashboard using the Dashboard Editor.

Word Cloud

Media Coverage By Language

The Media Coverage by Language Widget shows Article Velocity over time by Language. Using the graph, you will quickly see situations where a particular articles in a particular language suddenly change frequency indicating some news avialable in that language that may not necessarily be available in other languages.

Media Coverage by Language

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Last update: January 9, 2023
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